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Friday, February 08, 2013


So during that almost year long hiatus, surely you would think I did not just spend all my time at school.

An example of the many things that can be built from paper

Paperwork was something that I was brought into as a kid, through origami. It all at a summer camp where a group leader taught me how to fold a star. I instantly gravitated towards this new found hobby and went on to explore more origami models.

Small star, meet big star

Eventually, I moved on to papercrafting. The main difference is that papercrafts involves the use of a paste or glue whereas origami does not.
And within the community of papercrafts, there are two main roles, the designers and the builders.

The designers are the ones that create the templates, design and make the model look fancy and nice.
They utilize various CAD programs to do so, but I haven't had much experience in this department yet.

The builders are the ones that do exactly that, they build. They take the template, cut and score it and so the problem solving begins. Note that a lot of templates don't include instructions like the order of the pieces to build (which is really key and important) so it all becomes a huge puzzle, with a rewarding end.