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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monster Rancher

A cool show I watched as a kid, Monster Rancher
I still have very faint memories of this show. After coming home from elementary school, I'd watch some guy place a disk with a dinosuar like fossil within it and it would spin and some monster would come out.

Based on my above description, you can probably tell that I barely remember anything from it. So I'll just give you the story, as it appears on wiki.

From Wikipedia, 
"Before the world's continents broke up into pieces, a huge disaster hit the world. People prayed to God for help, and God created new life forms. However, new life forms brought new troubles, so God became exasperated and sealed them in "disc stones". Many years have passed since then and God entrusted the humans with the secret of "disc stones". Today people still continue searching for these missing "disc stones" to unlock the lifeforms within.
It is said that the "disc stones" are almost impossible to find among the ancient ruins. It is said that one monster is trapped inside each one. One day a group of workers excavating the ancient ruins happened to dig up one of these mythical disc stones. The worker who first discovered a disc stone took the disc to the Monsters' Temple. There the priests, using the ancient methods, unlocked the monster inside the disc stone. In a place where ranchers and monsters coexisted peacefully, the battle of the monsters began! As time passed these monster battles became extremely popular, and monster breeding became the standard pastime of the land. Eventually disc stones were found around the entire world. Now ranchers across the globe come together and enter unto battle!"
"Monster Rancher." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 19 June 2011. <>.
I do not own or take credit for the above picture and synopsis of Monster Rancher, if you would like them to be taken down, please message me.

Have you watched monster rancher before? Any childhood shows you'd like to share?


Kopite said...

Remember watching a few episodes of this on Fox Kids. But Pokemon and Doraemon was my craze way back.

Tomás Franco Ramos said...

i never liked this anime, but it was pretty much the same to me, i came to my house after school, and i used to watched anyway, lol

nostalgia post are great :D

Anonymous said...

Ah, the weird younger brother of digimon and pokemon that no one liked. I remember that rabbit with boxing gloves. But that's about it.

Byron Vicente said...

Nostalgia <3
I even cried a little when i saw the tittle.

Jimmy Fungus said...

What a fascinating premise for a tv show!

HiFi said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I have heard of it from places here and there.

Alice said...

I only saw a few episodes of it as a child from time to time but never really got into it, was more into Pokemon and Digimon.

Renzox said...

I used to watch this show everyday after school too, it was amaaazing but I never saw the ending :(

A said...

I had actually forgotten of the show's existence until I read this post, but I do remember watching it some.

Germs said...

Never watched the show, however i did enjoy the game

Avery_Goodgame said...

Oh man, this game.... yesssss.....

Magixx said...

This is soooo oldschool *_*
loved every single episode of it!

Duhniel S. said...

I remember that!

Alfonsommer said...

WOW esos monitos animados son muy vuejos !

Asty said...

i remember watching the first season on fox many years ago :0

Anonymous said...

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