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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dead Week/Hell Week/Reading Week

Oh, here we go once again!

I'm going to be way too familiar with this by the end of this year.
It's that time of year again for most college and university students, MIDTERMS!

Gosh, this term is turning out to be my most hectic one (even thought this is only my second term). Although reading week is coming up, most of my exams and quizzes are after it. And in addition the TAs may go on strike, which means that most of our quizzes, labs and midterms won't be marked (unless our professors want to do it).

Anyways, I've heard that some colleges and universities in the States have certain traditions or "rituals" during reading week. At UTSC, I know of no such thing so I'm interested in on what things you do during reading week. Let me know in the comments below!

I do not own or take credit for all of the above images & videos, if you would like them to be taken down, please message me.

Friday, February 03, 2012

More Goodies - Round 2

Well it was inevitable, I started munching through my stash and had to restock.

Fancy Some Pocky + Soy Milk?

Well a few days ago, I grabbed a bunch of stuff on my trip to J-Town. For those that aren't local readers, J-Town is a mini mall/plaza that hosts a bunch of shops including: Bakery Nakamura, Boutique Ai, Cafe Green Tea, Café Green Tea, Famu the Meats Store, Heisei Mart the Japanese grocery store. My main purpose was to hit Heisei Mart but I'll be sure to visit the cafe in the future; you can visit their site by clicking here (They're located at 404 and Steeles). Well among some of the things I picked up was the aforementioned Pocky and 2 bags of Tohato Tyrant Habanero chips. And onto the reviews!
     The pocky was great, as always, 'nuff said.

     What I really brought me joy were the chips.
Initially, I wanted to try these out when I first ordered from JBox but I ran out of funds to get these chips. (Instead I got these items and reviewed them earlier in 2011, see below).
Japanese Treats (3 of 3) - Melty Kiss Chocolate

 On the surface, they look like a mix between hickory sticks and ringos but once you actually munch on them, have a cup of milk (or soy milk) ready. Eat them only a few at a time cause they can really burn you bad. They have the perfect mix of hot and salty and don't really deter you from eating more. I'll be sure to pick up more the next time I visit.

I hopped on to JBox to see if I cound sitll find the chips and here they are if anyone wants to try them.  3 Pack for ~$7.50.

What chips do you enjoy the most? What's your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments below!