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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

Meri Kurisumasu and a Happy New Year!

Well I know it might not be New Years yet for some of you (at least not for me) but I'm making this post a few hours in advance since I'll be bogged down by school, which is right around the corner.

Now this post won't be anime related (as I promised last time) nor will it be a rant; just a good, plain old blog entry.

Ever since university started, I never really got the chance to really converse with my group of friends from elementary school (the same bunch mentioned in older posts) and a few days ago was really the first time we've actually met up again.

We'd usually make our usual rounds in the Markham area (sushi, gaming, movies...etc) but the VIVA (the transit system in the York/Markham area) has been still on strikes (been on strikes for a few months now). So we made our way downtown. By coincidence, we ended up doing what we once did a few months ago when we were also in downtown; movies, visit a few places, Eatons then dinner at Milestones.

Prime Rib Roast at Milestones...mmm

Hogtown Poutine at Smoke's Poutinerie on Dundas

All in all, a great way to end off the year; an outing with my best friends and with my family.

Anyways, it has been a great year and I wish all my readers and fellow blog colleagues the best next year.

How are you guys spending New Years Eve? Any New Years Resolution?


Interwebs Fails said...

Happy New Year!

My 2 Pesos said...

Have a happy New Year! ;)

Heaven. said...

Sounds like you had a good time :)

Shaw said...

I spent my new years eve getting drunk and watching Yu Yu Hakusho. Pretty good if you ask me.

BragonDorn said...

my taste buds want some now!

Baur said...

ooo whatever that second thing is it looks good. I had goose today

Ala Mode 7 said...

Haha, looks like some good food man!

Ala Mode 7 said...

Oh, and I spent new years at a little party. Kind of a sketchy party tbh.

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