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Friday, September 09, 2011

UTSC Frosh Day 1

First impressions are everything, and today, frosh has definitely made its mark.

Woo! Frosh Week

Frosh, Day 1: All froshies were assigned to groups and separated by departments, marked by different colour t-shirts. Blue for management students, green for science and red for arts. Each group was assigned 2 group leaders which are seniors in the corresponding deparments.

Now I'm not sure how all my peers felt, but I can say I was definitely nervous and my natural personality of being shy definitely didn't help. On the other hand, all the group leaders (GLs for short) were very warm and enthusiastic (whether they were being forced to can be questioned) but the GLs assigned to my group were great.
Ice Breakers!
 For the first day, we generally did a lot of ice breaker related activities to get to know our group members better. We were also taught a number of cheers of which some are unique to each department as departments may engage in spontaneous cheer-offs against each other. Being a management student, some of our cheers would include: "Your test tubes are short" which is directed at the science department and "You talk big, you walk tall, making up for something small!" which can be directed to any department (Yes, a lot of the things were somewhat...suggestive). One my favourite comebacks against the management cheers would be: "Schu-lich Re-jects!" (People in Ontario should get this one).

Party Hard!
 There were also lots of other activities throughout the day, which eventually made me come out of my shell a bit. And to conclude the day, was a foam dance party. (Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough to witness the "foam" part of it).
Foam Dance Party (without the foam)
I'll be back in a few days reporting on day 2 of frosh.

Do you still remember your first day of frosh? Any cheers that are memorable or unique to your school?


1904 Blogger said...

they just let us 10k froshies loose and told us to learn it all ourselves

Kid Shuffle said...

I skipped all of my frosh this year, lol. Too busy being responsible!

The Lunatic Pope said...

My first year of college I was a total recluse.

My 2 Pesos said...

I actually don't remember. Blame it on drugs. :P

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

Gizmo said...

This kind of activity is great, why didn't you stay till the end :o

mjunta said...

cool picture

Ferdinand said...

I'm not really into these kinda things. Extremely introverted. Although after a while when you get used to the people it gets better.

Enjoy it!!(all I'll say:P)

Shaw said...

Haha, the photos make it look like you were at a rave

DWei said...

Mine wasn't as memorable as yours. :P

Tony Storm said...

looks fun as hell

nowaysj said...

Higher learning, lol.

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