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Monday, September 12, 2011

UTSC Frosh Day 2

We feel so good! Oh, we feel so good! Oh!

Youtube Karaoke @ AC112
Nothing beats karaoke, especially in a lecture hall singing things by Aqua and Bieber.

Well I'll have to say I had fun during the second day. Just like Ferdinand commented on my previous post, I also consider myself as an introvert. Those that do know me in real life know me as someone who is very quiet, as the type that is cool, calm and always collected. Today was no different? I think not. With help from my GLs (group leaders) I started to come out of that shell and had some fun.

The "Carnival"
For day 2, once of the featured events was the Carnival. Essentially it was 5-6 inflatable play areas (like rock climbing pictured above). Now don't get me wrong, these activities were fun, but when this activity lasted for 4 hours, your patience for new things to do is easily spent.

The long day was concluded with a fun event (for some at least and embarrassing for others), the long awaited hypnotist show. You can see the first part of it embedded above (I do not own the video, it was uploaded by my colleagues).

What quirky events did you have at your frosh? What was the best event?


The Lunatic Pope said...

Hypnotists are such scammers.

My 2 Pesos said...


mjunta said...


Gizmo said...

Is that whole week party or? :P

Jessica Thompson said...

None, lmao.
Come check me out =)

DWei said...

I don't know how anyone can do karaoke. Or maybe I just avoid it because I sound like a cat being hit by a truck.

Kid Shuffle said...

Aqua and Bieber...heaven on earth!

neatfit said...

Do not have those things here, I hope you had fun though :).

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