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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brain's Base Studio (1 of 2) - Baccano

For the next two posts, I'll be doing reviews of anime done by Brain's Base (and have manga counterparts, done by the same author, Ryohgo Nariita). To my best recollection, Baccano is revolves around an elixir that makes one immortal. A group of alchemists summon a demon, which the demon gives them an exlixir. The demon also tells the alchemists the only way of ending each other's lives. This can only be done by immortals devouring each other. The alchemists drink this elixir but promise to keep this a secret, but one of the alchemists starts devouring the others. The alchemists then disband realizing the danger of staying together.

Honestly, I get confused by Narita's works and story lines. But I enjoyed the anime a lot. Another complement goes to the background music of Baccano. I obtained a copy of the OST and I love it. Lots of that jazzy style of music, much like Cowboy Bebop. If anyone else knows the OST, definitely check out "In the Speak Easy", probably my favourite track (mostly because of my background in piano).

The opening theme to Baccano
Full length episodes of Baccano! can also be found on youtube on Funamation's channel.

I do not own or take credit for the above picture and video, if you would like them to be taken down, please message me.

Any OST you enjoy? What's the best soundtrack you've heard? Any other anime's from Brain's Base or Narita you'd like to share?


Avery_Goodgame said...

Looks like bacon.
Now I'm hungry D:

Ala Mode 7 said...

I've been meaning to check this one out. A lot of anime forums I visit have been saying it's amazing. Like one of the best shows to come out of japan in the last ten years.

Byron Vicente said...

Its really amazing! I've sean it a year ago, and its awesome.

Laughing Vault said...

it looks awesome, i think i will check it out

LasseEA said...

This is a great anime, I also like bleach and One Piece

Rudolf said...

i like the video!

Duhniel S. said...

I dont really like anime :c

HiFi said...

Awesome. I like the premise to this anime. It should prove to be deep and engaging.

Alfonsommer said...

se ve bueno :P

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