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Monday, June 27, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever

Well with all the hype built up, gamers anxiously waited for the release of DNF on June 14, 2001. Personally, I haven't got the game yet, but it seem like lots of other people did, and a majority of them aren't too pleased with it.
Bubble gum sir?

AFter 14 years in develoopment, a lot of hype has been built up. This may contribute to the ultimate downfall of DNF as it hasn't lived up ot everyone's hopes. Now I won't give my opinion on the gameplay itself, but I did make some judgements based on the trailers I was presented with.

For the most part, the trailer makes DNF look like Serious Sam (at least the style of the graphics and mosters do), and some critics slightly agree. They say that the geometric designs of the environment and monsters aren't appealing. There are many other critiques to DNF as the score currently on gamespot is a 5.3 average by critics, and a 6.3 average by fans.

I do not own or take credit for the above picture, if you would like them to be taken down, please message me.

I'll let the rest of you guys decide, and give your feed back on DNF. Until then, I'll have to get my hands on a copy of this and do a proper review.

So for the people that got DNF, how is it? So after all the hype from DNF, what game are you looking forward to now?


psychpost said...

plaeyed the demo, was okay but not great.

Alice said...

Sadly I've been hearing quite a few bad things about it so I haven't picked up a copy of it myself yet.

A said...

I just see it as something to laugh at now.

iNews said...

Mediocre game, but good review.

LasseEA said...

Its not that good, but well its Duke Nukem! you cant hate it either

Ala Mode 7 said...

I'm upset it actually came out. That was the whole joke! They ruined it now!

HiFi said...

People told me it was not that good. I still have to try it out myself so I don't know. :D

Laughing Vault said...

great game :D

Byakuya said...

Overhyping has ruined countless games for me, and I don't think I'll ever buy DNF as to not taint my memories of his glory =3

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blorriepoes said...

fck i love this game!

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