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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Back from the Dead

Wow, it has been weeks since my last post and I have to say, it has been one of the most difficult weeks ever.

Just one of the few things I missed because of my midterms

 Well continuing from my post a few weeks back, I basically isolated myself from the online world, which ultimately meant that I wasn't on Steam for a whole week. I also abstained myself from fun things, which included things like the second season of "The Walking Dead". (I can assure you I'm catching up on all the episodes now.
     But what I'd like to talk about the most, is that Steam is offering a free weekend (till Sunday) of Payday: The Heist. For those of you that are new to Steam, this basically means that you can play the game for free (full access, single and multiplayer) for a full weekend! For those that already have steam, just login and click the link below to start downloading the game! (For those that don't already have an account, you'll need to create one first by downloading the Steam client.)


Have fun guys, especially since middterms season is coming to an end for most of us.
Maybe I'll bump into you guys in a game!

Tell me what you like (or don't like) about the game in the comments below.

I do not own or take credit for all of the above images & videos, if you would like them to be taken down, please message me.


Mark said...

It's nice to see you back. It can be good to take time away from the net sometimes.

Fang said...

Whoops, the weekend is already over for me, hehe.
Wasn't my kind of game anyway, but wouldn't have minded giving it a shit.

Paulxi said...

Welcome back! My dead week just started hahah. Oh, and nice blog! I just started following :)

Shaw said...

It's only the second season of TWD, they just took a break in season 2 because of the winter holidays.

Interwebs Fails said...

Are you a zombie?

The Vacuum Enthusiast said...

Welcome back bro!

animestan said...

@Shaw, thanks for the correction, got a bit ahead of myself there. Really excited since they announced that they'll be including the "Governor".

JDC said...

No internet? How horrifying..

Heaven. said...

Welcome back :)

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