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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Damn Cold Day

With the constant fluctuation of temperatures, there wasn't a lot to look forward to until...

Fancy some food trucks?
After months of eating the same old on campus, I was elated to hear that 4 food trucks would be making their way to UTSC. Oh, how I've dreamed of finally being able to savour various tasty morsels of pure gold that I've only been able to witness on TV (We don't get food trucks much, or even at all where I live; they only frequent downtown).
For those that aren't local, we've had flucuating temperatures like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday, it was 20c+, today was only 4c, and this didn't help me on the day the trucks were visiting. Needless to say, I wasn't the only one tired of our food choices, so it was no surprise that the line ups were going to be long, but I should've known it would take some time for food to actually get out of the trucks.

You know you want some sammies

I think I lined up for just over 1 hour to place and receive my order. Was it worth it?

Behold, BBQ Brisket sammy and...wait, what is that?
And here we have Beef-Bacon Maple Doughnuts
First, with the BBQ brisket sammy. The slaw was a nice and acidic contrast to the smokey beef, but the beef itself, once you get deeper into the sandwich, was very dry. I also think the brisket was not tender enough. At first, I thought these beef-bacon doughnuts were something special; what a letdown. These doughnuts had a nice crispy shell, and a nice doughy centre with bacon bits spread about. I feel that these are very comparable to fried Timbits with bacon bits stuffed inside.

So was it worth it? Well, definitely not for the 1hr wait in the cold, but would I visit them again, given what we have on campus. Maybe

Have you tasted any fares from your food trucks? Anything special you've seen on food trucks that you've tried, or have been dying to try? Let me know in the comments below!


Fang said...

from 20°C to 4°C? Seems rather extreme, props to you for holding out over there!

Can't really recall the last time I got food from a food truck, if any at all.

Mark said...

That is a pretty extreme temperature change. The only food trucks I ever really see are burgers and such, not much choice really.

JDC said...

Those do look pretty good, not sure if its worth the wait though especially in the cold.

Shaw said...


Anonymous said...

At least it's not 30c.

G said...

beef-bacon doughnuts sound like the work of the gods?

Heaven. said...


DWei said...

Ugh, I hate you. There's nothing good on campus to eat and I'd love a food truck or two nearby.

The Vacuum Enthusiast said...

All those pictures made me hungry!

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