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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

It was inevitable, keeping with my namesake I had to go through a few anime series before summer ended.

The main characters of Ano Hi.
This series came out in April and finished airing in June by A-1 Studios. During the last few months of high school, a lot of my friends were talking about this one and given my free time over the summer, I gave it a try.

So why didn't I jump onto this series earlier? Well, I essentially stopped watching anime for 1 or 2 years just due to the quality of material that was coming out. Most animes were either just full of fan service (w/o a good plot) or had poor animation.

Luckily, a few episodes into Ano Hi, I was amazed by the animation quality and the tight story line. The plot is fairly simple. A group of 6 childhood friends drift apart over the years after Menma, who used to be in the group dies from an accident. Jintan (in the red t-shirt in the above picture) is a shut in (essentially a NEET as he hasn't been in school for a semester) when one day, Menma (the girl in the one piece white dress in the picture) appears to Jintan. Menma supposedly appears because she has a wish that needs to be fulfilled before she can rest in peace.

As Jintan tries to find out what her wish is, the 5 childhood friends get back together. As we witness the 5 friends interact with each other and deal with the re-appearance of Menma (although only Jintan can see and hear Menma) the true emotions and characteristics of the 5 other friends are revealed.

This is an 11 episode series and has a satisfying conclusion. This anime is filled with drama and deals with multiple love triangles. All I can say is get some tissues ready because it gets emotional at times.

One of my favourite tracks from the anime

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Have you watched this series yet? If you have, what's your opinion of Yukiatsu? (I personally hate his guts")
Any of the upcoming anime series of Fall 2011 look interesting?


Steve said...

I can understand how you fell out of anime. I've been consistently watching it for the past 7 years or so and there are definite dips in quality. I think I've just lowered my standards to continue enjoying it but AnoHana, this was by far a favorite of mine from this year and completely unexpected. The premise didn't sound too intriguing but as soon as I got to the end of the first episode, I wanted more... and by the 2nd episode, I was hooked.

Definitely agree with you in your review here. It's really short but very concise and to the point because of it. I was left wanting more of these characters but completely satisfied (and in shambles of tears) by the end.

Electric Addict said...

doesn't really sound like my kind of anime

Simon black said...

Sounds like a good anime, will definitely look into it. thanks for the tip and keep up the good work with the blog!

Thoon said...

I've actually been curious about this series for a while, but unable to finda good summery of the plot. Its nice to actually get some clarification on if it's solid or more plotless junk. I'm gonna have to check it out.

Timothy Bowen said...

I haven't seen this. The only anime I've ever really watched was Death Note

DWei said...

I don't think I'd watch it. I prefer darker and humorous animes.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is easily one of my favorites.

Shaw said...

I can't remember exactly, but I think I heard it's really sad.

Sylar said...

great post ;)

Philip said...

I quite enjoyed what i've seen of this show. I should really finish it, I'm intrigued to see what happens to them.

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