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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3 - Winter Semester + Goodies

So a semester and 3 weeks into university, I finally seem to be finding my groove.

Stocked up for winter
Everything seems to be going well so far. I'm keeping up with readings, doing practice questions every now and again, but most importantly, I've finally found time for anime. Being able to watch 2 episodes almost every day during my commute has really helped me in catching up with a bunch of series that were on my backlog (including: Witch Hunter Robin, Ore no Imouto, Highschool of the Dead, Gosick, TTGL...).
Recently, I finished Witch Hunter Robin (as you've seen in a previous post), HOTD and I'm working my way through Gosick, so expect a review pretty soon. 
     Another thing I've been doing is finding and gathering all the goodies I can get to last me at least a few weeks though this semester as picture above. My inventory includes:

4 x ValNature Roasted Amond Bars
9 x Small Pocky Packets
1 x Reg. Pocky
1 x Empty Pringles Can =P
3 x Biscotti dipped in cholocate
1 x Milk Chocolate Candy
1 x Lotte Fruito Gum
1 x Atkins Adv. Bar
4 x NutriGrain Bar
1 x PreSk8 Energy Drink
1 x Nestle Instant Coffee
8 x Stride Gum
2 x Trident Splash Gum

A lengthy list, but I'll probably have to restock soon as I'm munching on Pocky like crazy.

For this post, I'm going to bring back something I did way back when I started the blog in May/June, which were reviews on foreign confectionery goods, mainly Japanese goodies. (You can ready them by clicking the links below)

This time, I review a Japanese Milk Coffee Candy from Tokuno. I picked up this piece from a local Asian market instead of ordering from J-list this time.

How can you go wrong with anything coffee for university students?
Well apparently, you can. The flavour and aroma of the candy is nothing mind blowing; it taste like any other coffee candy I've tried before. The "milk" aspect on the candy didn't really add or take away from the candy either. But my biggest pet peeve about this candy was the texture of it when it starts to dissolve. From the picture above, it's basically a puck shaped candy, but once it starts dissolving, cracks develop on it and the texture of the candy becomes awkward. For the Asian readers, it feels like dried scallops (pictured below). 

Anyways, this is not one I can recommend, so I'll just suggest people to stick with whatever coffee candy you regularly buy, and stay away from this one.

What did you crave during your university/college studies? Do you like coffee candy? Any preference to a brand? Let me know in the comments below, and I'll see you guys soon!


Anonymous said...


Mark said...

I still love coffee flavoured chocolate, especially Aeros. Ahhh those are great. You have some nice goodies there too.

Anonymous said...

I have like 2000 aspirin pills.

psychpost said...

cannabis, lots of it

Heaven. said...

That doesn't look good :P

Anonymous said...

Lubricant, foil, toothpicks, a lighter and female condoms.

Adam said...

Oh man I hate coffee anything

Shaw said...

I rarely get any cravings during my studies

Ferdinand said...

Now may I just add. Pocky FTW!!! We have some pocky lke sweets down here in africa not quite the same, but it tastes the same.

BragonDorn said...

You look like you have a supply of awesomeness!

DWei said...

Anything high in sugar or salt is preferable snack food for me when I'm studying.

JDC said...

Definitely jealous of your stash.

Kingmush said...

I'd eat much.

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